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As part of our 90th Celebation, we held a "Toys For Tots" Drive during the month of November at The Neffs National Bank.  Thanks to your generosity, many children in the Lehigh Valley will be receiving new toys for Christmas that you bought and donated. The pictures below say it all!


TFT 01 Ella

Thank you Ella!

TFT 02

Thank you to everyone who participated in the "Toys For Tots" Drive.

 TFT 03

"Born to be Wi-i-i-i-i-ld!"

  US Marines ToysforTots

Thankful  U. S. Marines stop by to pick up all the toys and wish everyone a very

Merry Christmas!


Also as part of our 90th Celebation, the month of May was designated as "Children Savings Month" at The Neffs National Bank!  Everyone involved had so much fun that we hope to continue this program next year!

CSR Kate and Drive-Thru Teller Madeline visit Schnecksville Elementary School to talk to the children about the importance of saving.  Kate is reading the book, "Three Cups" by Tony Townsley and Mark St Germain, while she and Madeline interpert the story for the children.  

 schnecksville elementary

The book is on loan from our Chairman of the Board, Mr. John J. Remaley.  It demonstrates  a good foundation for lifelong personal money management and charity.  "Spending, saving and charity are as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!" 

   A great question from the back.

Madeline puts on her "Hat-hat" when she portrays the banker in the story.  The children enjoy the book and then it's time for questions.  There's a question from the back of the room on interest.  They asked the best questions at Schnecksville!

Kate and Madeline had a great experience visiting some of our local schools and look forward to  continuing the program next year.  Meanwhile remember...  "Saving is an adventure!"


Buk buk buk buk, bwwaaaaaaaaaakkkkk!!!

Congratulations you found me!

Happy Easter Bunny 2014

Q: Why did the rabbit cross the road?
A: Because it was the chicken's day off. Bwwaaaaaaaaaakkkkk!