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Bankline- 24-hour Banking phone service at The Neffs National Bank

BANKLINE: Your 24-Hour Banking Service

The Neffs National Bank upgraded BANKLINE to include voice commands!

You can still access account information you need most often…. Now with the sound of your voice.

With this upgrade, our BANKLINE menu has been updated.

Dial 610-767-7479 and then Press or Say

1 – To make account balance inquiries

2 – To determine your account’s latest history

3 – To transfer funds or make a payment

4 – To request a stop payment

5 – For pin maintenance

6 – To verify bank information

7 – To hear your future dated transactions

Click here to download our flier on our latest updates.

Click here to download our Bankline Upgrade Brochure.

Easy Banking - Right from your phone!

Convenient, Simple to Use, Completely Confidential. 

In order to serve you better, BANKLINE is offered at no additional cost. It's easy to get started, just dial 610-767-7479, wait for the greeting, and then follow the simple instructions given to you.

Take advantage of this free service of unlimited 24-Hour access to your accounts. You'll save time and money!

Image of Bankline Quick Tips Phone
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